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Slice zombies in Kingdom: The Blood, based on hit Korean Netflix show

Coming to PC and mobile.

A gameplay trailer for Kingdom: The Blood has been released, based on the hit Korean Netflix show.

The show is set in medieval Korea during a zombie apocalypse and focuses on prince Lee Chang attempting to investigate a mysterious illness afflicting the king.

The game, from developer Action Square, is an adaptation of the show set for release on PC and mobile globally.

Kingdom: The Blood - Gameplay Trailer

Kingdom: The Blood will have a single-player campaign where players create their own character and slice through zombies in locations familiar to fans of the show.

A professional Korean sword dancer has done motion capture for combat to ensure authenticity.

PVP combat will also feature.

The result is a little like Ghost of Tsushima and Nioh, but with plenty of bloodthirsty zombies of course.

Two seasons of Kingdom are available to watch on Netflix, along with the special episode Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

It's unclear if a third season is also on the way, though the subject matter is a little close to our recent pandemic reality.

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Kingdom: The Blood


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