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Settlers 6 demo, too

Test-raise an Empire.

Ubisoft has cranked out a demo for the sixth Settlers game, dubbed Rise of An Empire.

It will let you potter around at the roots of your settlement, working through a tutorial level before going on to tackle a free-settle skirmish map. The file is plump at 1432MB, and a list of locations to download it from can be found on the official website.

Similarly to the other games in the series, the idea in Empire is to establish a settlement and help it thrive by building things and making your economy work. New to this instalment will be relationships between the men and women of your throng, the impact of weather and seasons on your creation, and diplomatic negotiations between you and others not of your land.

Developer Blue Byte will also be liberally applying lavish graphical detail, more detailed AI, multiplayer elements and a map editor.

The full game is due for release on 28th September. Head over to The Settlers - Rise of An Empire gamepage to delve into our meaty screenshot gallery and eyeball the freshest trailer.

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