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Root Beer Tapper tomorrow

XBLA's first of February.

Xbox Live Arcade followers hoping Castlevania would be the first of the next batch of releases will have to clamp hands over their ears to block out Kristan's merry hooting while they wrestle with their disappointment: it's Root Beer Tapper instead.

Due out on Arcade tomorrow at 9am GMT, it's another Digital Eclipse adaptation of a Midway arcade game, in which you play a barman topping up patrons' mugs, receiving extra points in the form of tips, and grabbing empty mugs before they slide off the bar.

It will go for 400 Microsoft points, with a demo version available to tempt you in. As expected, it will offer 12 achievements for a total of 200 gamerpoints, and the option of "updated" graphics to enjoy while you consider whether to get involved with the new online multiplayer aspect. Expect a review giddy-quick.

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