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Retailers price Xbox 360 Elite

Microsoft looks other way.

European retailers HMV, Play and GAME have all agreed on a price for the Xbox 360 Elite.

They say that it will cost GBP 329.99 when it's released on the 24th August. But when we spoke to Microsoft this morning, all we got was the "nothing to announce at this point" line.

When pushed about where those retailers could have received their information, the platform holder replied by suggesting the European presence of those retailers could have meant a leak from somewhere in a different region.

It follows news from E3 where Microsoft told us the price relationship between the different SKUs would be similar to that in the US. Over there the Elite retails for USD 479, and the Premium sells for USD 399 - roughly 83 per cent of the price. Stay with us on this one, maths will prevail.

In the UK the Premium pack retails at GBP 279, meaning the Elite would theoretically cost around GBP 336 here. That's bloody close.

The Xbox 360 Elite features a 120GB hard disk, HDMI video output and a unique black casing and peripherals that set it apart from the 360 Premium and Core packs.

A solid announcement on the price is expected in the weeks leading up to its launch on 24th August.

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