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PS3 launch line-up finalised

Handy guide.

The European PlayStation 3's line-up of launch titles has been fully confirmed, with the console due to go on sale tomorrow.

Thanks to some last-minute slippages, it may not be quite the list you saw when Sony first trumpeted the 23rd March launch, so we've spent the last few days ringing around to make sure you know what you'll be getting. Well, Rob did. It's not like I'd waste my time on that nonsense

You can catch a glimpse of the full line-up, including available peripherals and PlayStation Network titles as part of our Euro PS3 launch details feature, wherein you can also click through to each title's gamepage. And if you don't see a game there (e.g. flOw, NBA 2K7), it's for good reason (it's slipped).

But we're not just rinsing you for extra clicks, obviously, so scroll the page down a bit and you'll see it here too. Hugs.

Peripherals available at launch:

  • SIXAXIS pad (GBP 34.99)
  • Blu-ray remote (GBP 17.99)
  • HDMI cable (GBP 17.99)
  • Component AV cable (GBP 17.99)
  • AV cable (GBP 12.99)
  • S-video cable (GBP 12.99)

Games available at launch:

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