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PS3 2.50 firmware adds Flash 9 support

Plus some other unannounced details.

PlayStation 3's upcoming 2.50 firmware includes support for Flash 9 via the console's web browser alongside various changes announced yesterday.

Eurogamer has also been told that you'll be able to see optional EXIF (exchangeable image file format) information while viewing photos.

And finally for the things that weren't mentioned yesterday, the Y and Z and Q and A keys have been remapped for the German on-screen keyboard. Gut.

Things we already knew about firmware 2.5:

  • Pads and the PS3 itself now have tweakable power-save settings for turning off after a period of inactivity.
  • You can tell the PS3 to power down once it's finished downloading or installing content.
  • In-game screenshots can be taken in compatible games.
  • It enables high-quality mode for the official PS3 Bluetooth headset.
  • The Trophy interface has been improved, so you can see you and your friends' progress more easily.
  • Friends now have their last login time listed.
  • Videos now have a scene search feature.
  • There's a button on the PlayStation Store frontpage for redeeming codes.

Read more about all of that in yesterday's update, which also details PSP firmware 5.00.

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