LawBreakers review

This is a derivative bland ugly shitshow
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The big Cliff Bleszinski interview

egomaniac designs shit games. woopee doo!
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Does LawBreakers have what it takes to compete with the big guns?

Very poor effort. The zero g stuff is awful. the haze effect created on those are is distracting and ugly. There are only6 characters and they are not balanced. The game modes are really tedious and the matches drag. It's all just a variant on CTF style gameplay - rush to a point, rush back. The voice acting is dire. There is no game world or personality to get into. I just didn't enjoy this at all.
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PlayStation Plus price hike announced for Europe

time to sell up and move to Xbox.

Who will probably charge as much.

Jog on you greedy cunts
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Middle-earth: Shadow of War release date delayed

If only the Professor had known; his wonderful creation to become the subject of grubby bean counters
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GAME launches unattractive new 36 loyalty card scheme

I didn't have to pay anything for my loyalty card, which I never use because it's not worth the time or effort.

Dreadful shop. Why can't these clowns wake themselves up?
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Destiny 2 gameplay reveal live report

Looks much the same, which isn't a bad thing. Destiny was fine up until it wasn't, unfortunately that proved to be sooner than I'd hoped
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Overwatch Anniversary event this coming Tuesday

A good aniversary present would be to get rid of torbjorn and bastion. They utterly ruin the game. Cheap, unearned elims with your aimbot, or that stupid turret mode that's completely boring and overpowered. Everything else is fine, not balanced, but nowhere near as ridiculous as those two.

Plus the pace of the game is too slow. If you get killed a lot it takes too long to get back into the action.

And get the stench of esports out of my hobby.
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@paulwoodthorpe season mode? you mean the crap competition mode that screws you over by forcing you to play with complete muppets?
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@HE1NZ yep, complete waste of time. Those modes are dreadful and bnorken
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What is most frustrating about this game is that the ps4 community are hopeless.

All they want to do is run around as cyberninja dude scoring teh killz. Fuck teamworkd!
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@PickleJuice Interesting. I found Paladins to be very buggy and totally unbalanced. A shame as it's otherqise quite good.
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"dare to see the world for what it could be"

full of 16 year old GamerGate wankers shouting racism down the phoneline
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@flooff There are some heroes that are just better across the board. Others struggle.

All of the game modes they've added are terrible. Capture the Flag doesn't work at all.

Game needs more variety, and the competitive mode needs a huge revamp.
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10 LOOT BOXES! Filled with all the cheap crap you already have! YAY!

Any chance of some game balance, or, you know, content?
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Injustice 2 review

Surely the gear system is going to break multiplayer kompletely?

And releasing it here after giving the yanks a headstart seems utterly backward.
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Digital Foundry: Paladins tested on PS4, Pro and Xbox One

The game is really poorly balanced and full of bugs and dodgy game design.
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Ed is the next Street Fighter 5 DLC character

I loved this game.

Until I tried to connect online and couldn't actually play the game at all because a) online connectivity was required and b) it constantly and quickly disconnected me.

Top work!
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