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Phil Harrison backs RPG Gunshine

Browser game gets ex-Sony boss funding.

Phil Harrison, the former president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Atari, has put his money behind a Finnish made browser based co-op role-playing game.

The game is called Gunshine, the developer is called Supercell and the backer is called London Venture Partners, the investment firm set up by Harrison and heavyweights David Gardner, David Lau-kee and Paul Heydon.

"Great start-up Supercell just went beta today with their new game Gunshine," Harrison tweeted. "Wishing them every success!"

Gunshine launched an invitation-only closed beta today. It looks like a cross between old school games Syndicate and Diablo, with a dash of Facebook and Twitter thrown in for good measure.

Players build their character, choosing from three classes: tank, damage dealer or healer.

Supercell is the first company to enjoy the benefit of an investment from London Venture Partners.

Harrison was one of the brains behind PlayStation hardware and much of the PlayStation 3's early software, becoming one of the most public faces of the iconic brand.

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