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Nintendo wants to expand role of Miis online - Miyamoto

"That virtual kind of Sim-type experience."

Shigeru Miyamoto says there's a lot of interest within Nintendo at the prospect of using Miis to expand the Wii's online offering.

"What we are interested in isn't so much the idea of creating a game that is online and networked in a way that we have seen online up until now," he told GamePro.

That ties in with what he told Newsweek when asked what he thought of PlayStation Home for PS3. "I wouldn't be surprised if we also did something along those lines further in the future," he admitted.

"In terms of taking the Miis and expanding them, that virtual kind of Sim-type experience," he then elaborated. "It's something that a lot of people have already done and shown interest in, and we have a lot of people internally who are interested in that type of a project too."

Earlier, Miyamoto had hinted to GamePro that the Wii might also see "enhancements" to its interface that "really make games for hardcore players a lot more fun and interesting". A swear box, perhaps. Wouldn't hurt.

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