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MS offers free games for Live referrals

New scheme gives US gamers a new incentive to get their friends online.

A new promotion from Microsoft in the USA is offering Xbox Live users a choice from a selection of free games in return for referring their friends to the online gaming service before the end of July.

New subscribers to the service need to register their details and those of the friend who referred them on the new website to qualify for the offer, which only applies to those who have signed up for a 12 month subscription.

The referrer can then select a free game from a short list of online titles - Links 2004, Top Spin, and Rallisport Challenge 2 - which will be delivered to them a few weeks later. The offer only applies for one month, however, so claims need to be made before July 29th.

The Xbox Live Friends offer applies only to the United States at present, and a spokesperson for Microsoft UK this morning told us that there are currently no plans to extend it to Europe - although the company is continuing to look for new ways to promote and extend the Xbox Live user base, so the possibility of the offer crossing the Atlantic at some point in the future shouldn't be ruled out.

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