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Bizarre takes on PGR3 critics

It really WILL look that good.

Bizarre Creations has hit back at critics who claimed that a screenshot from Project Gotham 3 released last week couldn't possibly be the real deal. You can see the pic in question here.

According to an update on Bizarre's website, "This is what what people can genuinely expect from the next generation of video games... We're not messing with you."

And in a bid to prove it, they've stuck up a wire frame version of the same scene, along with a screenshot of a different NYC building.

"Yes, it is possible to get all areas of the game that need it up to this level of detail," says Bizarre.

"That’s what you get for two years' work with up to 35 artists here at Bizarre, plus additional help from outsourcing companies!

"Some areas (ie. those with simple buildings in real life) won’t be as detailed, but where buildings are that complex, the game will be that complex too."

You can read the full update here.

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