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Burger King games in Europe?

Could do, says Blitz bloke.

Blitz Games, the developer behind three Xbox 360 games to be sold in Burger King restaurants across the US, has revealed there's a strong chance the games will appear in Europe soon.

Philip Oliver, CEO of Blitz has told our sister-site GamesIndustry.biz that talks are currently underway to bring the titles to regions outside of the US.

"If we're lucky we'll see them in this country as well," said Oliver. "It's not confirmed yet, it's in discussion. For all territories, Burger King marketing works independently in all regions, so it's being evaluated."

The three different titles will be available for Xbox and Xbox 360 in the US this November and retail for US $3.99.

Oliver brushed aside cynicism directed at the developer for creating games based on such a licence, seeing it as a natural evolution for advertising in games while providing good value for money for the consumer.

"We're always trying to be on the cutting edge whenever we talk about any game initiative. About a year ago we were talking about advertising in games and there's a very big market there. Basically this gives us an absolutely massive profile in that market. Advertising is an excepted part of media. Magazines, websites, TV, films - they have product placement all over the place," he commented.

"Are the games good fun? Yes. And they are extremely good value for money. They're not going to be Halo or Gotham-beaters, let's be honest. These games are much better than anybody will expect. They're half way between Live Arcade titles and fully boxed games. In fact, if they were retail boxed products they should retail at around US$ 20," said Oliver.

The full interview with Philip Oliver can be read on GamesIndustry.biz.

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