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Genki PSP racer due in March

From Konami.

And they really are kicking for home at this point, aren't they? Here we have news of Konami's Street Supremacy, a multiplayer PSP racing game from Genki due out over here in March. "In the two-player mode, players select a vehicle and race against the second player in a battle to be first past the winning post." Revolutionary.

Actually though, despite being a "high-octane racing title" with licensed vehicles (like Nissans) that you can upgrade with stuff like body kits, stickers and NEON, Street Supremacy might be alright - it sounds like one of Genki's Tokyo battle jobbies, in which case there's a certain amount of pedigree, and the multiplayer Team Battle could be interesting.

In Team Battle, the map's divided into 15 areas, and the idea is to try and seize territory as a group by winning individual races - with team ladders to show who's doing best at what. And hopefully none of that super-imposed full motion hussy stuff out of Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Take a look at the screenshots and try and work out whether there's room in your PSP garage for one more.

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Street Supremacy


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