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Jason Rubin's new game

Iron and the Maiden.

Former Naughty Dog top... man Jason Rubin is working on a game called Iron and the Maiden, which he's revealed to a certain extent on his new MySpace site, bizarrely.

In the site's first update, Rubin says, "After 20 years at Naughty Dog I've decided to try something new. 'Iron and the Maiden' will be my first solo project. It isn't 'Crash Bandicoot', and it isn't 'Jak and Daxter'. This is something new. Raw, Uncensored, Uncut. It's been in the back of my head for years looking to get out, and I've assembled an incredible team to bring it to fruition. Stay tuned..."

So presumably we'll have to, since there are no platform, gameplay or other details available yet.

Next week: Shigeru Miyamoto unveils Mario 128 on Geocities.

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