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Sensi Soccer premieres on EG TV

See the new Sensi in action.

The revival of the much-loved Sensible Soccer series has caused considerable excitement amongst gamers of a certain age - and now you can see for yourselves how the 2006 version is coming along as Eurogamer TV exclusively premieres the first in-game footage.

The trailer shows off the game's top-down view, offering a range of action-packed snapshots that certainly suggest Sensible Soccer 2006 is hoping to retain the feel of the original 16-bit classic.

On the surface, New Sensi is not a game that takes itself too seriously - the preference of stylised caricatures over accurate likenesses and the outrageously camp Europop anthem accompanying the trailer ("You're a goal-scoring superstar hero!") bear testament to this.

But publisher Codemasters is insistent that its title is no mere pre-season friendly and reckons there is a gap in the market for another serious player, despite the clear hegemony of the PES and FIFA series. And if this sensibly mid-priced release captures the spectacular fun of its forebears, it could well be right.

Sensible Soccer 2006 is due for release on PS2, Xbox and PC this summer. You can check out the trailer on EGTV right now, and see our first impressions for more on how it plays.

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Sensible Soccer 2006

PS2, Xbox, PC

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