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Circle Studio to use RenderWare

Tech Raider.

Circle Studio, the developer founded and staffed by ex-Core Design folks in the wake of the latest Tomb Raider debacle, has announced that it is to use Criterion's RenderWare middleware to ease production of the two projects it currently has under wraps, both of which are scheduled for release on PS2 and Xbox in 2005.

"The industry is not about technology any more - it's about creativity," says managing director Jeremy Heath-Smith. "Our philosophy as a developer is to concentrate on creativity, gameplay and content - the elements that truly add value to individual titles and ultimately the industry as a whole as higher quality games are delivered to market."

He continues: "In order to achieve this we cannot afford to continually chase technology and reinvent the wheel for every game or format we work on. Outsourcing technology to Criterion, who have spent hundreds of man-years of R&D on generating the very best core technology, means we immediately have a robust framework in place on which we can engineer our own technologies specifically designed to drive the uniqueness and originality of our titles."

Circle Studio's website claims that information on the developer's current projects will be released in the coming months.

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