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Tomb Raider tops N-Gage chart

UK Charts spesh.

While Tiger, Club Football and friends were busy scrapping over the big boys' chart positions, fledgling Nokia N-Gage titles were vying for the dubious honour of being the best-selling game on the system after a week at retail.

Despite failing to dent the All Formats charts in any way, the N-Gage version of Tomb Raider managed to climb a few platforms higher than the rest, hauling itself up to the top and presenting Eidos with a unique PR opportunity, which they haven't gone for just yet: "Lara Croft is the hottest thing in your trousers."

Sitting behind Lara at the top are Sega's duo of Super Monkey Ball and Sonic N respectively, offering Nokia buyers a taste of what the animal kingdom has to offer gaming on a mobile phone, with jester-based platformer Pandemonium resting at number four.

Finally, propping up the other four in this first N-Gage chart is Tony Hawk's Pro Skater from Activision's O2 label. A port of the original game (rather than the trick-heavier latter day versions), it's the first truly 3D Hawk game to appear on a handheld. Its competition on the GBA is entirely isometric.

Meanwhile it's difficult to say how the system itself is faring on a grand scale, as all we know is that it sold less than 500 units at game retailers polled by ChartTrack, which does not talk to the thousands of mobile phone vendors flogging subsidised hardware taped to £50/month contracts.

However, with a massive marketing campaign in swing (including some borderline disturbing TV spots which look like domestic abuse warnings and then morph into BlueTooth multiplayer adverts towards the end), Nokia will have been hoping to shift more units in the gamer's heartland.

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