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Nintendo may launch USB WiFi adapter for DS online

Making it easy.

Unconfirmed reports this week indicate that Nintendo is planning to launch a branded WiFi adapter which users without existing wireless network gear can plug into their PCs to let them go online with the Nintendo DS - and Revolution.

The reports, originating from sources in Australia, suggest that the Nintendo-branded device would simply plug into a USB port on the user's PC and would allow the DS and Revolution consoles to access their respective online services.

"Basically, instead of an accessory that will let you go non-wireless, this accessory will make your current Internet connection compatible with WiFi," according to a comment attributed to an unnamed Nintendo representative.

While Nintendo UK today declined to comment on the reports - with a spokesperson telling GamesIndustry.biz that he could not comment on "rumour and speculation" - the plans would certainly fit in with the company's stated goal of having 90 per cent of DS owners using the online service.

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