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Bulldog launches wireless Xbox Live bundle

For ADSL debutants.

ISP Bulldog has launched a couple of Xbox-oriented online gaming bundles to encourage sales of its ADSL-based broadband services. The bundles, headed by the £329.99 Bulldog Xbox Live Wireless Package, offer an all-round solution for anybody who's just ordered ADSL and is wondering about the next step.

The flagship Bulldog Wireless Package is made up of wireless networking kit and the recent Xbox bundle of console, Halo and Midtown Madness 3, but with a full 12-month subscription to the online service instead of the two-month scratch card found in its retail equivalent (in fact, the scratch card is probably still in there, so make that 14 months), and the other elements of the Starter Kit - the Xbox Communicator headset and a disc with demos of three Live-enabled games.

The wireless networking equipment in the bundle comes courtesy of Netgear, with the excellent DG834G 54Mbps wireless router (complete with microfilter so it can talk to your now ADSL-enabled phone sockets) joined by one of three wireless adapters - the WG121, WG311 or WG511 - depending on your preference.

The whole package comes in at £329.99 plus £11.75 postage and packaging, and the individual components would certainly cost you a fair whack otherwise. There are more details here, and the offer ends on January 31st, 2004.

A similar but this time fully wired alternative is also available, with equivalent wired Netgear kit replacing the wireless components, for £229.99 over the same period.

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