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Larian working on Riftrunner, Divinity sequel


Secrets. We've all got 'em. That Huntley fellow probably knows something about those two kids, Tony Blair clearly knows something about the war, and Martin almost certainly knows what happened to my Matrix DVD. For Belgian developer Larian Studios, though, the burden of truth has clearly become too much, and so we feel compelled to tell you that Larian has secretly been developing a new PC RPG, set in the same universe as Divine Divinity, since just after the original game's release last year. Those dirty Belgians.

On the plus side, the game - Riftrunner - is actually nearing completion and should be out by the end of 2003, much to the delight of legions of roaring Divinity fans, who also look set to get their paws on a true sequel dubbed Divinity 2 sometime next year.

As for Riftrunner, the game is "a continuation of the Divine Divinity universe," according to project leader Swen Vincke. "We've had thousands of true fans that loved Divine Divinity, who came to our forums and voiced their appreciation, and subsequently have craved for more. Riftrunner has been developed with these fans in mind."

In content terms, fans can look forward to an enhanced version of the Divinity engine incorporating their suggestions, along with 3D character animations, a random quest generator, a new combat system, the introduction of adventure parties, and a new and unlimited character development system. The story this time concerns a Death Knight, with whom the player has apparently become "soul-forged" - the idea being to come unstuck.

As you might imagine, Larian has already popped up an official website, which should keep you up to date.

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