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Boll confirms BloodRayne sequel

And Alone in the Dark. Ulp.

Uwe Boll will direct a sequel to BloodRayne 2, but Kristanna Loken's done a runner and will be replaced by Natassia Malthe of Elektra and Dead or Alive, er, fame.

"The sequel takes place 100 years after the first film and is set in the Wild West," Boll told DreadCentral. "Rayne comes to America, deals with the Brimstone society, and ends up fighting Billy the Kid, who has been turned into a vampire." But apparently Loken "is booked for a whole year with the Sci-Fi Channel". She must be gutted.

Boll also says there's going to be a sequel to Alone in the Dark, which sounds like another excellent idea, but he's not going to direct it. Apparently both films will be direct-to-video and be made for US$ 10 million apiece.

DreadCentral also reports that Boll's adaptation of Postal doesn't look rubbish, but we'll believe that when it comes out, a year's passed and we're drunk enough to risk it.

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