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Sony conference on EG TV

Watch all the highlights right now.

Sony's pre-E3 press conference didn't half go on a bit, as all those who tuned into our live text coverage will know. So for those who don't have time to sift through the mountains of information, or can't read, here's the answer - a specially put together selection of conference highlights that's now being shown on Eurogamer TV.

You can see the likes of Kaz Hirai and Phil Harrison talking about what's got them all excited about the PS3, not to mention the magic moment when Ken Kutaragi pulled that new controller out of his suit. Actually everyone thought it was the same as the old one at first so it wasn't that magic, but wait till you see what happened next...

There are plenty of clips from the most impressive trailers shown, too, plus running commentary from our roving reporter, Mr Johnny Minkley. So what are you waiting for? Television - it's the new reading, you know.

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