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Massive talks World in Conflict

Ground Control dev goes cold.

Ground Control developer Massive Entertainment is working on a new real-time strategy game for PCs featuring a scenario that presupposes the Cold War ended violently.

Due out in spring 2007, World in Conflict will feature authentic Soviet, US and NATO weaponry, huge destructible environments and battlefields set in the suburbs and cities of America amongst other places.

Speaking to GameSpot, lead designer Magnus Jans�n said the game would have "a strong focus on unit tactics, action, team play, and destruction".

"Players take on a specific role commanding air, armour, infantry and support units to form a combined arms force against the enemy. By controlling key strategic points on the map, you sway the battle in your favour. There is no resource-gathering, so every second not spent fighting the enemy over a piece of land is a second wasted," he said.

Jans�n suggests that you'll switch between command roles depending on circumstances - "Infantry, for instance, is at its peak when they can hide in forests and houses, so when all cover has been incinerated you may wish to change roles."

Massive isn't ready to outline specifics about its single and multiplayer modes yet, but says that those who play online will enjoy using the "next-generation Massgate technology".

"You will not want to wrestle with sluggish and contrived server browsers ever again after trying out what we are doing with Massgate! It really is online multiplayer browsing done right."

Expect to hear more on World in Conflict in the coming months.

Update: Vivendi's just announced that it will be publishing the game.

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