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Play the Killer 7 mini-game

Complete with manic cackling sound effect.

If you're bored already this Monday morning, Capcom may have just the answer in the shape of a new promotional Flash-based game on its Japanese Killer 7 website (click the "Game" link to play), in which players have to double-click to shoot at different body parts of a series of zombies as they saunter towards the camera one by one. Striking a body part twice will see it explode, and the idea seems to be to kill as many of them as possible without letting them get too close for comfort.

It's a fairly silly, throwaway pastime which will last you all of five minutes (if that), but if you're bored at 10:51 on a Monday morning then you probably need a bit of light relief, whatever it happens to be. What's more, the lightgun-ish mini-game suggests that Killer 7 will be about more than straightforward assassinations with colourful, line-free visuals - it also has zombies and limb-specific damage. Although we still know relatively little about the game overall, this ditty little distraction brings us a little closer to the GameCube-exclusive shoot-'em-up.

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