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New PAL Releases Roundup

There are actually some!

The shops sounded confused when we called up earlier asking what they had for release tomorrow, or perhaps it wasn't confusion; perhaps they were just surprised that in a four-month period that's produced around 50 high-profile games across all formats, we still want for more.

But then we're never satisfied, which is completely understandable when you consider games like Sonic Unleashed, of which the PlayStation 3 version is one of tomorrow's two boxed releases.

The other one is AC/DC Live for Rock Band 1 or 2. It's a song pack that comes in a box, for PS3 or 360, and includes 18 songs listed here in live form. Run, don't walk to the shops. Alternatively, be less than 25 and simply don't go to the shops.

Online, meanwhile, there's Dash of Destruction, which is some sort of free Doritos game for Xbox Live Arcade, and the promise of untold treasures for PSN and Virtual Console/WiiWare in their respective updates, which should hit later today and overnight, as usual. We'll update the list when they do.

This week in shops:

  • AC/DC Live: Rock Band Song Pack (PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Sonic Unleashed (PS3)

This week online:

  • Dash of Destruction (Xbox Live Arcade)
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