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NetDevil announces Warmonger

Apocalyptic episodic FPS.

MMO developer NetDevil has announced that it's working on a new FPS called Warmonger, Operation: Downtown Destruction

The game will be built on Epic's Unreal Engine 3, and will make strong use of AGEIA's PhysX processor and engine to deliver an unparalleled experience, apparently.

"New rigid body technology and implementation allow for scope of destruction unlike any other FPS currently available," NetDevil president Scott Brown boasts. "As a player, you'll be able to feel the freedom of completely adaptive environments and the full use of conscious, destructive power."

Warmonger puts you in the middle of an American war that erupted after two huge companies clashed in a dispute over oil fields in Iran - just the sort of wild fantasy that leads to people not taking games seriously. You will have to battle to take down entire cities, block by block. Each part of this piecemeal approach will be fought on lots of smaller maps, with the outcome influencing the larger tactical view as well as other encounters.

There's hints at RPG-like content, with characters able to raise their "ranking" in specific classes to gain extra abilities, and there's also mention of the game being part of a larger series, indicating episodic content.

We assume the game will be a PC title, though it's not yet clear whether it will also feature on one or more of the next-gen consoles. Also hazy are the release date and the real genre of the game; is it an MMO or not? Scott Brown attempts to clarify.

"'Warmonger' is more than a proof of concept; it is the basis for a fully-realized MMO design that NetDevil will be looking to bring to market."

Could it be the MMO for a major toy company that we found out about in December? If it is, we're not so certain it'll be Care Bears Forever, which makes us sad. Sniff.

Assets are expected to appear at the Consumer Electronics Show sometime this week. We'll keep you posted.

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