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Microsoft pops up at PS3 launch

With a few friendly reminders.

Microsoft didn't exactly turn up to wish Sony luck last night, but it did make a few crafty moves to remind everyone that it was doing this over a year ago.

In England, at Sony's Virgin Megastore London launch, friendly men approached people in the queue offering tired bums a seat. Their fold-out chairs bore the words, "Shouldn't have kept you waiting" with a URL, www.shkyw.org. Cheeky!

Microsoft UK also sent journalists 168 cans of lager with a note declaring that there are better way to spend GBP 146 - the difference in price between Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We were going to take a photograph, but unfortunately they sent them to Eurogamer TV editor Johnny Minkley, and now there are no longer 168.

Meanwhile in Paris, France, the PlayStation 3 launch took place within sight of the river - and guess what happened to be floating along nearby? Why, a massive riverboat bearing the slogan, "Xbox 360 (heart) you", of course.

Nice to see the marketing money getting a good work out, then, even if they should have used it all to make people buy Viva Piñata instead.

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