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Lovefilm Instant PlayStation 3 app finally gets HD streaming

Improved search functions also included in new update.

Lovefilm Instant's PlayStation 3 app has been updated with HD streaming and better search functions, Amazon has announced.

The updated Lovefilm app will be available today in the UK and Germany, and will eventually be released for all Lovefilm Instant platforms.

Other new features include a Watchlist feature, for creating an unlimited streaming playlist of content, and an improved recommendation engine. You can also resume content across any Lovefilm-enabled device.

Lovefilm (and rival Netflix) is now available on almost every digital device in your house - via your PC, Mac, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, Kindle Fire, iPad and many smart TVs.

Digital Foundry recently put Lovefilm and its rival Netflix head-to-head in terms of content, picture and sound quality and app design.

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