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LocoRoco PS3 won't 'betray' fans

A bounce away from confirmation.

We've known for a while that LocoRoco is set to return, but last week's GDC session covering the game's development brought the strongest hints yet that the PSP platformer will make the transition to PlayStation 3 in some form.

Having appeared fleetingly in Phil Harrison's PS3 Home demonstration, speculation was already rife when director Tsutomo Kouno began his talk, and it only increased when he talked about how he would like to see better group AI and improved visuals and controls in any hypothetical sequel.

Asked if the game would make use of the PS3 Sixaxis' tilt controls, Kouno said he couldn't comment but promised not to "betray" fans' expectations. The PSP version used the shoulder buttons for tilt control, and presumably it wouldn't be overly hard to map that to the PS3 pad in a couple of ways.

Sony has yet to officially announce a LocoRoco sequel for PlayStation 3 or any other platform, but Phil Harrison has previously said we can expect to see it "in a couple of new ways with some new friends in the future", and also boasted recently that he'd had a go on "LocoRoco's next version". The big tease.

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