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Live Championship Manager interview today!

Ask boss Roy Meredith anything you like.

Beautiful Game Studios boss Roy Meredith will be answering your Championship Manager 2009 questions live on Eurogamer today from 3pm UK time.

You'll be able to ask him your queries in real-time via a moderator and watch his answers appear magically on the same page. We'll be stockpiling questions an hour before kick-off as well as during the chat.

"Champ Man's community is of vital importance to our game," an excited Roy Meredith told Eurogamer. "We have some of the most loyal and knowledgeable fans in the industry. It's great to get this opportunity to talk with them direct, as their input and opinions are absolutely key in everything we do. I’m really looking forward to answering their questions about the game and the franchise."

Meredith was bought in specially in 2007 to reverse the fortunes of ChampMan, which he admitted had "no vision, no direction" after Sports Interactive and Eidos went their separate ways in 2003.

Beautiful Game Studios hopes Championship Manager '09 can close the gap on Football Manager, which has dominated since its debut in November 2004.

His new Championship Manager 2009 gameplan hopes to close in on Football Manager by including a 3D match engine for the first time plus a whole raft of other improvements designed to make fans "believe" in the series again.

Dig as deep as you like; head over to our Championship Manager 2008 and Championship Manager 2009 pages for inspiration.

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