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Kojima on viability of Snatcher sequel

Needs lots of sales to be worthwhile.

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has questioned the viability of a Snatcher sequel, suggesting it would have to sell over half a million copies to be worthwhile.

In a series of Tweets (translated by Andriasang), the legendary game developer pondered whether a new Snatcher would sell 200,000 units in Japan.

Talk of a sequel was prompted by the success of Kojima's Sdatcher radio drama, which has seen at its peak 450,000 listeners in Japan.

"Even though the radio broadcast is free, if we converted it to a game, could it sell 200,000 or so domestically?" Kojima wondered.

Kojima then said that if they were to seriously create a Snatcher with 3D polygons and a pseudo open world akin to Team Bondi's L.A. Noire, there would be financial problems if it didn't sell 500,000 units in Japan.

Kojima has already said he is too busy with his "devil project" to make a Snatcher sequel – but would be happy for another developer to take it on.

The graphic adventure first came out on the NEC PC-8801 and MSX 2 back in 1988, before being ported to the Mega-CD, Sega Saturn and PSone in the mid '90s.

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