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It's Activision's turn to demonstrate real-time face rendering tech

A woman, an old man and a bald man, tick tick tick.

Oh to be on the cusp of a new generation of console gaming. What are they capable of? How real will games look?! One trend has been demonstrating the possibilities by rendering realistic faces in real-time. First there was Quantic Dream's Old Man, then there was Nvidia's Bald Man.

Now it's Activision's turn.

Activision's R&D team shared their work at GDC 2013 in video and in some amazing screenshots.

The man in Activision's video is the same man that's in Nvidia's video. "Yes, this is the same source data from ICT [captured at the University of Southern California] used by Nvidia at GTC, but rendered using a completely different tech," noted Activision on its YouTube page.

Of particular note in Activision's demonstration are the "advanced techniques to faithfully represent the character's skin and eyes", and very impressive they are. Teeth look a bit weird, though.

The demo is rendered in a DirectX 11 environment.

Jorge Jiminez, who worked on this presentation at Activisions R&D department, added: "For us, the challenge goes beyond entertaining; it's more about creating a medium for better expressing emotions, and reaching the feelings of the players.

"We believe this technology will bring current generation characters into next generation life. At 180 fps in a Geforce GTX 680."

It's about time we had A Bad Lip Reading of these demos.

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