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Involuntary Runner is like QWOP meets Innerspace

Manage your organs to run, jump and fart.

Involuntary Runner is a neat spin on the the free-running genre crossed with a rhythm game and adorned with a good old heap of science... sort of.

Developed by DePaul University's Team Dads, Involuntary Runner's central idea is your titular avatar will automatically jog and jump so long as you can keep him ticking by managing his respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems.

You'll have to hold and release a button to simulate his breathing, rhythmically tap another key to maintain his heart beat, mash the space bar when he eats to digest his food - lest he be weighed down by the sludge in his belly - then tap enter to propel him skywards by farting. Okay, so it's not exactly scientifically accurate, but it is amusing when his various system fail and he dies in hilarious, over-the-top ways - like exploding from a heart attack.

Team Dads is clearly inspired by Bennett Foddy's popular comically complicated runner QWOP and there's even a control scheme to replicate that of the cult favourite's. And much like QWOP, Involuntary Runner is very, very hard.

It's also worth noting that the game allows you to choose between three soundtracks (or none at all), so don't be turned off if the music in the trailer below isn't to your liking.

Feel free to try Involuntary Runner out for free at its official site.

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