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Here's our first proper look at gameplay from thatgamecompany's Sky

Sight for soar eyes.

Thatgamecompany has shown off an extended look at its upcoming social mobile game Sky, in a new video narrated by creative director Jenova Chen.

The six minutes of gameplay, published by IGN, show what look like Sky's opening moments, where you wake alone, on a beach, and play as the silhouette of a small child. Quickly you regain some light - which can then be used as a puzzle-solving tool via the use of a candle item.

But, crucially, you won't be able to progress without the help of other players. You'll come across a door, for example, which two people need to open at once.

It'll be interesting to see how thatgamecompany engineers these scenarios while playing on the go - although you can choose to play together with people you know. Four player characters are shown on screen together.

The demo concludes with a brief look at Sky's wider world, set in the clouds. Lots of characters are promised, as well as a story which unfolds as you uncover more information about your surroundings.

"We want this experience for you and your family to feel like you are all children and you get to see something you've never experienced before," Chen concluded, "to share the sense of wonder with your family and friends, to bring you closer together."

Announced on stage at Apple's annual September press conference, Sky will launch first for iPhone and iPad later this year, before landing on other platforms.

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