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Harry Potter for Kinect demo conjured onto Xbox Live

Wand-waggling sampler clocks in at 800Mb.

The demo for EA's upcoming magical motion game, Harry Potter for Kinect, is available now on Xbox Live. Go on. You know you want it.

The demo, which demands just over 800Mb of your hard drive space, includes three sections from the full game.

In Quidditch Match: Seeker you fly around on Harry's broomstick, trying to catch the Golden Snitch so you can win the most pointless imaginary sport ever devised. Even if you don't win, Dumbledore will probably say you did anyway, because he's totally biased towards Gryffindor.

Journey to the Lestrange Vault sends you deep under Gringotts Bank where Helena Bonham-Carter keeps all her evil witch money. That's right, it's a mine cart chase! Everyone loves those.

Finally, there's Destroy the Bridge, taken from the climactic battle in the Deathly Hallows, as brave Hogwarts pupils try to stop Voldemort's Death Eaters by blowing up the bridge to the school, apparently having forgotten that wizards can both fly and teleport. What are they teaching them?

The full game, which appears in shops as if by magic on October 12th, offers minigames based on scenes from all eight movies, along with competitive and co-operative play.

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Harry Potter For Kinect

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