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Gradius and Comix Zone on VC

Along with a couple of MDers.

Good news kids! This morning you may Virtually Console yourself about the gaping life-shaped hole in your existence with a mixed hand of 8-bit and 16-bit also-rans. Hurrah for Nintendo.

Gradius is the NES addition to Virtual Console this morning (500 Wii points), while Mega Drive nostalgics can poke their way through Bonanza Bros., Gain Ground, and the graphically lovely Comix Zone, all of which cost 800 Wii points.

Alternatively, Mr Mega Drive lover, you might want to divert your eyes toward our SEGA Mega Drive Collection review. The game's out today, includes all three of the above, doesn't cost much and is - amazingly - a well put together compilation.

No? Oh well, Virtual Console it is then. Wii points, in case you can't remember, cost about 15 quid for 2000, with NES games going for 500, SNES and Mega Drive for 800, TurboGrafx-16 for 600-800 and N64 for 1000.

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