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Gaming leagues still alive

TNWA buys another one.

The New World Assembly has bought gaming league Enemy Down so it can revamp it and get more people shooting each other.

It will take on previously unpaid founder Andy Taylor full time, and ensures it won't ruin the site in its pursuit of money.

Enemy Down joins quick-launching portal Devotii and cash-for-winning site PrizeFight under the TNWA umbrella - helping its claim that it offers the biggest online gaming community in the UK and third largest in Europe.

The New World Assembly's aim is to bring responsible online gaming solutions to PC gamers. It also claims to lead the way in anti-cheating technology, which can run riot on un-policed servers.

Tactical shooters seem to be the dish of the day, so if you're a Counter-Strike, Battlefield or Call of Duty fan you might want to look them up.

Pop over to the website for more information.

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