Transformers retrospective

When Optimus was in his prime.

For better and for worse, Michael Bay's energetically stupid idea of the Transformers is now the most dominant version of the franchise in popular culture. I've seen all three of his swaggering, over-long movies and will most likely see the fourth instalment with Mark Wahlberg when it comes out this summer. But as someone old enough to just about remember the first generation of toys - boxy marvels that, through a complex sequence of manipulations, could become convincing muscle cars or fighter jets or cassette decks - I've found precious little to love in the maximal movie Cybertronians.

Cult Classics: PlayStation 2

Part 3: Bungie, Rockstar, Capcom and co. - and you didn't buy their stuff!

In parts one and two of our Cult Classics PS2 series, we danced with the likes of Okami, ICO, Dark Cloud and Dog's Life. For the third (ah but is it final?) instalment, we're in the company of old friends, but friends who could do with a hug. Hold them tight.