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Brenda Romero versus the systems of pain

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Tucked between shelves at the headquarters of Romero Games, Ltd in Galway, Ireland is a two-by-two-foot cube of black Plexiglass, mounted on a platform and lit from below. I picture it as a miniature of the alien monolith that appears during the prologue to 2001: Space Odyssey, looming over the bustle of a designer's office. This is Black Box, a game conceived by Brenda Romero as part of her board game series, "The Mechanic is the Message", following what she will describe only as an "unbelievably difficult" period in 2006. On top of the cube is a vintage hand-cranked adding machine, from which, when the device is in use, paper spills to the floor. The machine dates back to 1909, but has been extensively cleaned and remade; when Romero first opened it, she was startled to discover her own initials carved on the mechanism within, a moment of eerie closeness with the (presumably, long-dead) manufacturer.

Brenda Romero's Ghost Recon Commander cancelled, several staff laid off

Brenda Romero's Ghost Recon Commander cancelled, several staff laid off

UPDATE: Brenda says she's not even thinking about her wedding to John Romero yesterday. "I just want to find jobs for these people."

Update: Brenda Romero offered us the following statement. "I am not even thinking about the wedding or the honeymoon right now. It's not material. I just want to find jobs for these people. That's what matters most to me."

Original Story: Ubisoft's isometric strategy game Ghost Recon Commander was shuttered earlier today, creator Brenda Romero announced.

Ghost Recon Commander was a tactical combat entry in the Ghost Recon series designed for Facebook by Brenda Romero. Formerly surnamed Brathwaite, she was best known for her work on Wizardy 8 before founding her studio Loot Drop with her now husband John Romero, co-creator of Doom.

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Ghost Recon Commander invades Facebook

John Romero's studio delivers social spin-off for tactical shooter.

Ghost Recon Commander, a franchise spin-off developed by John Romero's Loot Drop studio, is now open for business on Facebook, Ubisoft has announced.