Super Mario Galaxy 2 Videos

Digital FoundrySuper Mario Galaxy 2 Wii 720p Emulation Video

The full power of Nintendo's superb art unlocked thanks to PC emulation of the Wii hardware.

VideoNintendo chronicle Mario's history

25 years, not one u-bend fixed.

VideoSuper Mario Galaxy 2 gives a nod to Mario 64

The Wii sequel acknowledges its roots.

VideoTwo new Super Mario Galaxy 2 clips

Rock Mario and a little more Yoshi.

VideoFive minutes of SMG2 in Japanese

Super-sequel showcase.

VideoSuper Mario Galaxy 2's parrot races

Polly does not want a cracker. Polly wants to win!

VideoLuigi steps up for Mario Galaxy 2

Jolly green bro' getting involved in sequel.

VideoUnderwater action in Mario Galaxy 2

Take a deep breath and hitch a ride.

VideoNew Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer

Happier than your average trailer.

VideoSuper Mario Galaxy 2 footage

Grievous bodily charm.