Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

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Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Set announced

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Set announced

Lavish package includes 15 discs, statue, book, Ryu's belt.

Capcom has just announced details of a lavish box set to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Street Fighter series.

Available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from 18th September, it includes the following swag:

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

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Street Fighter III: Third Strike

It's all a matter of timing. When Capcom pushed Third Strike into arcades in 1999, every member of its development team believed that this was the final, flawless evolution of Street Fighter.

It was, as the name suggests, the third iteration of Street Fighter III. Many disgruntled consumers consider Capcom's tradition of releasing three revisions to each of its prizefighters little more than a money-grabbing exercise. Perhaps, for the shareholders, this is true. But for the design team on the frontline it's a stepladder towards perfection, each iteration amplifying the successes of the preceding game and diminishing its shortfalls. And they know that three strikes and you're out. Better make sure the final swing counts.

It's all a matter of timing. While Third Strike was a game that refined all that had gone before, thanks to the state of the 2D fighting genre at the turn of the millennium, few were really paying attention. The previous decade had seen Capcom flood the market with Street Fighter-themed product in attempt after attempt to, at best, recapture Street Fighter II's heyday, or at worst, work the series' icons like wizened salesmen. By 1999 ennui had set in, not only amongst the general gaming public, but also within the core fighting fan base. Indeed, following Third Strike's release, it would be nearly a decade before we saw another mainline entry to the series.

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Sony announces Summer of Arcade rival

Sony announces Summer of Arcade rival

Meet PlayStation Network Play.

Sony has just announced a rival to Microsoft's Summer of Arcade promotion, called PlayStation Network Play.

Similar to the XBLA offer, it contains four games released on Wednesdays at weekly intervals. Buying all four nets you a fifth, free.

Play begins on 24th August with the launch of Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition. 31st August brings DeathSpank threequel The Baconing.

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Street Fighter III dated for PSN, XBLA

Third Strike Online launches next month.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition arrives on PlayStation Network on 23rd August and Xbox Live Arcade on 24th August, Capcom has announced.

Capcom throwing cash at SFIII: 3rd Strike

Online Edition's budget tops SSFII HD.

Forthcoming downloadable brawler Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition is to be a decidedly lavish affair, judging by comments from Capcom top brass.

Capcom: we'll keep our fighters in check

"BloodStorm we knew was garbage."

Capcom has promised fighting game fans it won't repeat the mistakes of the nineties and run Street Fighter and its other fighting games into the ground with multiple titles and overly complex mechanics.

Ono: Street Fighter III scared off gamers

SFIV intended as a "happy class reunion".

Street Fighter III closed off Capcom's brawling franchise to all but the most experienced players, leading to a more inclusive revamp for the fourth entry in the series, producer Yoshinori Ono has revealed.