Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor


VideoNew Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor footage rolls out

Kinect-powered tank title coming in June.

VideoSteel Battalion: Heavy Armor gameplay

Behind the furnace of Capcom's Kinect-only sequel.

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FeatureWhy From Software's worst game is worth learning from

And how Steel Battalion was the ultimate Kinect game, for better and for worse.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor demo arrives on XBL

Road-test From Software's Kinect tank battler now.

Dark Souls dev's Kinect exclusive Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is rock hard, Capcom warns

"Capcom and From Software? Seriously, what do you expect?"

Capcom: Steel Battalion the most accurate Kinect game yet

After "massive aid" from Microsoft.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor live action film announced

Ghost in the Shell director behind forthcoming short movie.

VideoSteel Battalion: Heavy Armour pre-order extras trailered

Early birds get exclusive armour sets.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour pre-order incentives revealed

Exclusive armour add-ons for From Software's mech battler.

VideoNew Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor footage rolls out

Kinect-powered tank title coming in June.

VideoSteel Battalion: Heavy Armor gameplay

Behind the furnace of Capcom's Kinect-only sequel.

VideoSteel Battalion: Heavy Armor gameplay

The Kinect reinterpretation.

VideoSteel Battalion: Heavy Armour vid

Kinect-controlled tank action rumbles in.

MS hopes for Kinect boost in Japan

Admits it failed to meet expectations.

Xbox 360 sells 1.5 million in Japan

It's only taken six years.

First Steel Battalion Kinect screens

Get using your armies.

Capcom reveals Kinect Steel Battalion

No need for a huge controller.