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Stargate Worlds dev loses license

End of the road for oft-delayed MMO?

The beleaguered studio behind long-in-the-offing MMO Stargate Worlds has been stripped of the franchise license by owners MGM Studios.

Stargate MMO developer goes bankrupt

Resistance spin-off sold to splinter group.

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, the studio making the Stargate Worlds MMO, has succumbed to bankruptcy and called in the receivers, according to an open letter to shareholders on its website (thanks, Voodoo Extreme).

Stargate MMO sidelined for new shooter

Resistance new focus for struggling dev.

The Stargate MMO, Stargate Worlds, appears to have been sidelined in favour of a freshly-announced multiplayer shooter called Stargate Resistance, reports Massively.

Stargate Worlds funding woes continue

"We will not be able to provide any updates".

Things aren't looking too good for Stargate Worlds, the MMO based on the popular TV series and film. The chief executive of developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has indicated that the company is in dire funding straits.

"Lights are still on" for Stargate Worlds

Publisher FireSky reacts to rumours.

Publisher FireSky has said "the lights are still on" for Stargate Worlds and that "development continues", but does admit to being "significantly impacted" by the credit crunch.

TV man on Stargate MMO: "It's a shame"

Fate of licensed MMO unknown to TV team.

An executive producer of the Stargate TV series has cast serious doubt on the future of the licensed Stargate Worlds MMO, saying that its failure to appear is "a terrible shame".

Stargate Worlds closed beta next week

Stargate Worlds closed beta next week

Registration still open.

Big Download is reporting that the closed beta test for Stargate Worlds is due to start next week, on 15th October.

You can register for the beta test of the science-fiction MMO, licensed from the film and TV series, over at the official site.

Stargate Worlds is being developed by new studio Cheyenne Mountain and new publisher FireSky, both based, improbably, in Arizona.

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Stargate Worlds beta sign-ups begin

Stargate Worlds beta sign-ups begin

Set hotkey to "decipher hieroglyphics".

Stargate Worlds, the science fiction MMO based on the cult Egyptology-in-space film and TV series, has opened registration for its closed beta-testing phase.

You can sign up now at the official site. The early bird catches the worm, but the earlier bird signed up to the Stargate Worlds forum ages ago, and thus got a chance to register for beta last week.

We think Stargate Worlds sounds quite interesting, especially the minigame-based archeologist support class.

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Stargate Worlds details emerge

Stargate Worlds details emerge

Devs on AI, combat, archaeology mini-games.

WarCry has published an interesting preview of one of the more elusive MMOs currently in development: Cheyenne Mountain's Stargate Worlds, based on the cult science fiction film and TV series.

Few details on the MMO have been made public since the basics were laid out a year ago.

In the preview, studio head Dan Elggren explained that the game is influenced by both MMORPG and FPS design, but ultimately "feels not like an MMO, it feels not like a shooter, it feels like something fun and unique".

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Stargate MMO on the way

So cheer up, SG-1 fans.

Just a week after Australian developer Perception cancelled its almost-finished Stargate SG-1 game, a new MMORPG based on the hit TV series has been announced.