Snake Pass Features

FeatureFrom Donkey Kong to Snake Pass: the music of David Wise

The legendary composer on glorified doorbells and leaving Rare.

On the off-chance that you haven't heard of David Wise, you've almost certainly heard his music. As a third of Rare's trio of ground-breaking composers, he was responsible for the tunes behind Battletoads, Wizards & Warriors, the RC Pro-Am series and countless licensed titles for the NES and Game Boy - plus, of course, the ever-popular earworms that form the Donkey Kong Country soundtracks.

Digital FoundrySnake Pass on Switch holds up nicely against PS4

Our first look at Unreal Engine 4 on Switch bodes well for future multi-platform titles.

Sumo Digital has been producing great games for a while now but with its latest creation, the British studio has finally taken the chance to build an entirely original game. Snake Pass offers a unique blend of physics-based slithering, pseudo platforming action and puzzle-solving held together with a colourful presentation and a killer David Wise soundtrack. It's great stuff - but from a Digital Foundry perspective it offers us a chance to see a fully-fledged Unreal Engine 4 title deployed on Nintendo Switch, alongside PS4, Pro and Xbox One editions.