Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide

Watch: When should we review games?

VideoWatch: When should we review games?

It's this week's Eurogamer Show.

Hello there! After a three-week hiatus, I'm very pleased to be writing one of these posts again and delighted to reintroduce the Eurogamer Show.

As I mentioned in the post announcing that we were putting the project on hold for a few weeks, we felt the show as it existed wasn't really doing what we wanted it to do; which is to say sparking conversation, getting some of our lovely staff writers in front of the lens and, most importantly, helping you get to know us.

Not that I'm saying sticking Ian's face into Homefront: The Revolution wasn't fun, of course, but it wasn't the best way to give you a feel for our personalities, or to help bring you into the conversations we'd otherwise be having in the kitchen while waiting for the slightly intimidating coffee machine to do its thing.

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Rising Tide, the first expansion for Civilization: Beyond Earth, launched last week with an impressively far-ranging set of changes and new features - but also a rather serious bug, as Christian Donlan found when playing the game for review. The bug meant that AI civilizations allied with the player might not automatically join them in declaring war on others - which, according to the new diplomacy rules introduced by Rising Tide, they should do.