Run Sackboy! Run!

A pleasant but generic endless runner that fails to engage with the heart of LittleBigPlanet.

Run, Sackboy! Run! review

There's something rather endearing about Sony's determination to turn Sackboy into a classic console mascot. Only Mario has been able to retain that level of devotion, and connection to a platform, while Crash Bandicoot is MIA, Sonic has lost his way and dozens of other hopefuls have long since been forgotten.

Sackboy already has one of the pre-requisites for such ubiquitous status - a kart racer - so here's a more modern requirement: the free-to-play endless runner. It's a somewhat natural off-shoot for a side-scrolling platform series, but visuals aside it rarely grapples with the features that LittleBigPlanet fans will expect.

The impetus for Sackboy's marathons is that old foe, the Negativitron. It comes chomping onto the screen from the left, you start running away from it and don't stop until you hit a fatal obstacle or are slowed down enough to be caught. Control on the Vita is exactly as it was on the game's earlier iOS incarnation. Tap the screen to jump, swipe to dash forwards and escape the Negativitron's clutches.

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