Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days release date revealed

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days release date revealed

It's so hard to keep this smile from my face.

Upcoming isometric Reservoir Dogs riff, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, is slated to arrive on Steam 18th May, publisher Lionsgate has announced.

Developed by Barcelona's Big Star Games, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is a non-canon look at the exploits of the titular black-suited men before their jewelry store score went south. This time out, you'll get to play as all six of the colour-monicked gangsters as they go on a crime spree across 18 different heists.

Bloody Days may not be totally in keeping with the plot or character design of Quentin Tarantino's perennial classic, as the developer couldn't afford the rights to the various actors' likeness, but it does utilise the film's flashback structure as a unique gameplay mechanic.

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Quentin Tarantino's breakthrough 1992 debut Reservoir Dogs doesn't exactly scream video game adaptation. The tale of a botched heist where someone is a mole is a splendid whodunnit where a ragtag crew of codenamed goons question how everything went pear-shaped. Set almost entirely in a single location, Reservoir Dogs is a very talky film. There's violence, sure, but nothing in the way of a typical action sequence. Nothing that could easily be translated into a video game.