Paranautical Activity

Dev who threatened Gabe Newell has returned to Code Avarice

Announces new first-person shooter Spinal Destination.

Last month Paranautical Activity developer Mike Maulbeck found himself in hot water when in a fit of rage he threatened to kill Valve founder Gabe Newell following an ad error on Steam erroneously listing his game as still being in Early Access. Maulbeck later apologised for his behaviour, then promptly resigned. Now he's back at the studio he co-founded, Code Avarice.

Valve pulls game from Steam following dev's tweet threatening Gabe Newell

Was frustrated his game was erroneously labelled Early Access.

Twitter has consequences. And so do death threats - even ones casually muttered as hyperbole. This is the harsh lesson Paranautical Activity developer Mike Maulbeck learned today when after a Steam snafu erroneously advertised his game as an Early Access title he crossed a line and tweeted a death threat to Gabe Newell. Following this outrage, the game was pulled from Valve's distribution service.

100 games get greenlit on Steam

Road Redemption, Paranautical Activity, Teslagrad and more make the cut.

Lately Steam Greenlight has been letting games through in smaller, more frequent batches, but that all came to a head earlier today when Valve greenlit a whopping 100 titles.

First-person roguelike Paranautical Activity not allowed past Greenlight, even with a publisher

Allegedly rejected because it already had a Greenlight page.

First-person roguelike Paranautical Activity's two-man developer, Code Averice, claims that it was offered a Steam publishing deal by Adult Swim only to realise that Swim couldn't make this happen after all and the randomly generated maritime shooter would still have to go through the Steam Greenlight process. Why, you ask? According to Code Avarice's Mike Maulbeck, it's because Code Avarice already set up a placeholder Steam Greenlight page and Steam "didn't want to send the message that indies can seek out publishers to bypass Steam Greenlight."