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The Legacy of Kain game that was cancelled three years in

In 2009 the developers who made the well received Wii game Silent Hill: Shattered Memories moved onto what promised to be a much larger, much more ambitious game for multiple platforms. That game was a brand new, single-player, story-driven Legacy of Kain, the kind of project fans of the vampire action series have clamoured for ever since its glory days on the PSone.

In 2012, publisher Square Enix cancelled the unannounced project, leaving a three-year black hole on the CVs of hundreds of developers who worked on it. These people are not - officially at least - allowed to say they worked on Legacy of Kain because of strict non-disclosure agreements. But, as is always the way, you can't keep a good vampire story down.

Climax Studios is a work-for hire developer based in the UK city of Portsmouth. Its reputation is based on its ability to create games, many of which are ports, for publishers on time and on budget, with minimal fuss. It's good at this, and is successful because of it.

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Legacy of Kain spin-off Nosgoth cancelled

Nosgoth, the competitive multiplayer Legacy of Kain spin-off, has been cancelled.

Publisher Square Enix said the free-to-download human versus vampire game would not make it to full release having spent over a year in Early Access on Steam.

"This was not an easy decision to come to," reads a statement posted to the Square Enix forum. "It has been a pleasure to build this game with your help, but ultimately its audience hasn't grown enough to sustain ongoing operations."

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Nosgoth launches soon after over a year in Early Access

Remember Nosgoth? The free-to-play competitive multiplayer action set within the Legacy of Kain universe? After over a year in Early Access, it's nearing launch.

Nosgoth is the other game Rocket League developer Psyonix is working on. It's a team-based human versus vampire multiplayer game that revolves around fast-paced, third-person shooter and melee gameplay.

Bill Beacham, design director at publisher Square Enix London Studios, told Eurogamer the aim is for Nosgoth to leave Early Access "very shortly".

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Nosgoth enters open beta next week

Nosgoth enters open beta next week

Double XP rewarded during week one.

Free-to-play Legacy of Kain spinoff and competitive shooter Nosgoth will enter open beta on 21st January at 6pm GMT, publisher Square Enix has announced.

The game has been available to play in various closed betas for some time, but next week will be the first time that simply anyone can join in on the festivities.

To commemorate this occasion, developer Psyonix will be giving away double XP for all matches played during the open beta's first week.

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Legacy of Kain spin-off Nosgoth launches open beta this winter

Legacy of Kain spin-off Nosgoth goes into open beta this winter, Square Enix has announced.

Psyonix's team-based human versus vampire competitive multiplayer game will this weekend be free to play. It's currently in closed beta, but you can pay for access through a variety of Founder's Packs. When Nosgoth does go into open beta it will be available at no cost.

The free long weekend begins tomorrow, Thursday 7th August at 12pm UK time, and ends on Monday, 11th August at 8am. You need a Steam account.

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