Ninja Gaiden 3 Videos

Video | Ninja Gaiden 3: Ninja Pack 2 DLC trailer

On Xbox Marketplace today, PSN tomorrow.

Video | Ninja Gaiden 3 DLC trailer details Ninja Pack

Metal Claws, 20 new Ninja Trials and 12 new items.

Digital Foundry | Ninja Gaiden 3: Xbox 360/PS3 Cut-Scene Performance Analysis

Like-for-like scenes tested between the two HD consoles - the Xbox 360 game suffers from some horrendous tearing issues.

Digital Foundry | Ninja Gaiden 3: Xbox 360/PS3 Performance Analysis

A pretty major PlayStation advantage in this head-to-head gameplay frame-rate test.

Digital Foundry | Ninja Gaiden 3: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Face-Off Video

Team Ninja's mostly awful new fighting game compared on both console platforms.

Video | Ninja Gaiden 3 gameplay footage bleeds in

Team Ninja hack-and-slash out next week.

Video | New Ninja Gaiden 3 multiplayer trailer

Bloody clip from Team Ninja's latest.

Video | Latest Ninja Gaiden 3 TGS trailer

Who will die first: you, or the world?